Copyright - Eden Landscape Design 2021. All Rights Reserved TRUST  in  Taekwondo  SPORT Here are some useful links to things I discovered which greatly help me, because last year was a shitty one. Not because of COVID, but because I signed something whilst suffering with severe mental illness. My silence was bought, so I cannot mention anything other than this;  I believe no lessons were learned by anyone involved. Except me, and I’m using what I learned to change things for others in a similar situation.   That’s the reason for Digging Deep. RIGHTS  VERSUS REALITY
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That’s the plan, and to do this we need your help in two ways; 1. Recommendations for those in need. 2. Donations to support the above.
Digging Deep focuses on our mental well-being as a community by trying to make things look better than they may currently look, be it a front garden renovation or designing a water feature, every bit helps considering the struggles we all share in today’s COVID environment and how much time we spend at home.
In order to provide such a renovation at no cost to the afflicted family, the strategy is to partner up with local companies to reuse surplus materials not only from new constructions but also leftovers from refits and refurbishments. This could include anything from timber, steel, concrete blocks or stone. Also; Fencing, railway sleepers, old garden lighting, granite counter tops even labour or transport would be massively appreciated.
My name is Guy Whelan and I am working on projects that aim to support people diagnosed with mental illness, especially connected to their job. Most commonly this is Depression and Anxiety, but can also include Burnout and PTSD. The plan is to help sufferers by working outdoors and remodelling their garden, at no cost to them.   I gladly give up my time for the cause because it’s something I feel passionately about, however I need materials and good people like you around me. Well, you’ve read this far. I can’t offer counselling as I’m not qualified to do so, however I can educate you by showing other people’s stories (through my VLOG) and their courage, determination and love for life despite overcoming huge hurdles. I want to join the silent army of good people doing good things such as providing the resources and services available nearby through the Mental Health Network, and to show people that there are many roads to recovery for people diagnosed with mental illness, of which environmental therapy is one. The VLOG will feature in-depth interviews with interesting individuals and inspiring stories on taming their own mental beasts.    So, by providing someone, somewhere with a better view from their window at no cost to them there’s hope that a family, and a community are helped in getting back to normality. FRIENDS
Anything is greatly received and all is put to good use. In return we’ll make sure you’re featured on our social media pages and my VLOG, to help raise your profile.
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In 2020, fifty million antidepressant prescriptions were issued in the UK and currently one in five people with mental health problems have to wait up to a year to access talking treatments.
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